Grease Monkey

A weekend of 4WD driving, socialising and fun

Welcome to Grease Monkey 2018!

Grease Monkey is an annual event put together by Sydney Jeep Club. During this weekend we get out to have fun, socialise and explore beautiful 4WD tracks.

To this event we welcome not only Jeeps, but also their friends and family whatever type of 4WD they drive, and we'll have a range of tracks to suit any level of experience - from a seasoned offroader to someone who just get their first 4WD vehicle yesterday.


Here is what we have planned for Greasy Monkey this year. The timing of all events is approximate - just to give you an idea of what's planned and when.

October 26-28, 2018

Friday arrivals, camp setup and unpacking. Sign in and trip register

from 9:00 am

Saturday arrivals and trip register

7:00 am - 8:30 am

Morning briefing

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Day trips

8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Trips debrief

6:00 pm onwards

Sydney-bound Sunday trip briefing

9:00 am - 9:30 am

Trips depart

9:30 am - 10 am

Check out a video from our first Grease Monkey event.

It was held in 2014 at Rydal, followed by another one in 2015 at Yalwal.

View it on YouTube

Our Trip Grades

Grades are designated by the trip leader. We aim for consistency, but some variation in thinking on grades is inevitable.

Any grade that a trail is given is an attempt to describe the nature of the trail. It is not the hardest point on a trail. This means that whatever the grade, there may be points on the trail can be expected to be more challenging than the overall trail grade.

The Trip Leader may add a plus "+" to the grade to designate tough or frequent challenge points that deviate from the grade.

D/C Grade

Comfortable cruising

Stock vehicles with low range
  • Stretches of bitumen and graded trails
  • Infrequent low range
  • Picnic-style breaks
  • Beach driving, vistas and wineries
  • Family and kid friendly
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C Grade

Medium easier

Stock vehicles with low range
  • Introductory technical driving
  • Bitumen minimised
  • Frequent low range
  • Wheel placement and spotting
  • Chicken tracks at challenge points
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C+ Grade

Medium harder

May not suit Cherokees
  • Will suit prepared Cherokees
  • Stock Wranglers should be fine
  • Trail clearance to be considered
  • Require rated recovery points front+rear
  • Recovery kit is mandatory
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B Grade

Technical challenge

Well modified XJ, prepared Wrangler
  • Stone steps, steep slopes with obstacles
  • Off camber driving
  • Risk of damage
  • Vehicle recovery is common
  • Disconnect systems recommended
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A Grade


Wranglers with 3" lift and mud tires
  • Double-locked vehicles
  • Maximum challenge on tracks
  • Some damage almost guaranteed
  • You know what you're doing here
  • If you play - you will pay
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The trips we will be running this year

Hunter Back Roads   Grade: D/C

Trip leader: David Grimes

A combination of graded trails and bitumen B roads for an "easy vibe" tour through the Watagans touching into the Hunter and perhaps a winery visit.

Vehicle Recommendations: Open

Stockton Beach   Grade: D/C

Trip leaders: Teshie and Dennis

Beach driving, what more do we need to say? You will need to pick up a beach pass on the way in. Preparation is largely turning off the traction control and appropriate tyre pressures.

Vehicle Recommendations: Common sense and a sense of fun

Yengo return to Sydney   Grade: D/C

Trip leader: Teshie

A different return path to Sydney. Graded trails and bitumen B roads.

Vehicle Recommendations: Open

Murray and Basin Forests return to Sydney   Grade: D/C

Trip leaders: Dru'n'Kerry

We take graded trails along the "Basin scenic rim" as an alternate route to Kulnura. Bitumen from there, returning to the Freeway at Mangrove, or if preferred we turn around the Hawkesbury for a tour back via Wiseman's Ferry.

Vehicle Recommendations: Open

Burma, McKenzies, Farrells   Grade: C

Trip leader: Richard Henning

A wonderful introduction into the Watagans picking up old bullock-wagon trails and a little known view point. Varied terrain and ecology that stock Jeeps will enjoy.

Vehicle Recommendations: Stock Jeeps but must have rated recovery points front and rear. Some scratchy sections.

Awaba to Drury Lane   Grade: C

Trip leaders: Pat and Hitesh with Adrian

A C grade that introduces the driver to technical driving! This is a long-ish trip through Watagans and Olney State Forest from north to south. It uses graded trails to pin together three challenge sections. Those challenges have been arranged to start with ease and finish a little bit C+.

Vehicle Recommendations: Stock Jeeps are good though note that many challenge sections do not offer option trails. Rated recovery points front and rear. Some short scratchy sections.

CPT80, Sawpit, Green's Break Ridge   Grade: C++

Trip leaders: Sean and Daphne

A short collection of some very famous Watagans trails where good clearance is necessary. The trails have worn somewhat during drought and some recovery can be expected on this trip. Sawpit gets scratchy, CPT80 is a rollocking ride, and Green's Break still has the infamous log obstacle along with the entertaining exit. If you haven't done these trails, here's your chance!

Vehicle Recommendations: Rated recovery points, front and rear. 2" lift; 33" tyres. Not recommended for Cherokee/Grand.

Ourimbah   Grade: B

Trip leaders: Steve Foster and Steve Cremona

A loop inside Ourimbah that picks up the famous "Can Opener". Steve has extended the trip to include some interesting side trails. The full trip is a very consistent grading that is not without risk, fender rubbing is possible.

Vehicle Recommendations: We have taken a bold Trailhawk through and have to say it is not recommended. Front and rear recovery points are assumed on B grade. 2" lift and 33" tyres.

Killy Loop   Grade: B

Trip leaders: John and Di

Famous B grade run in the Awaba area. Challenge level is consistent and option trails are rare. Some unavoidable bog holes. This trip is a real experience for drivers in well prepared vehicles. For the SJC this trip is defining - what it means to be B grade. There is a bit of bitumen getting there and back but well worth it.

Vehicle Recommendations: No unprepared vehicles, max convoy 8. Min 33" AT or Mud tyres and 2" lift. Rated recovery points. Recovery gear.

Whiteman's, ZigZag, Skull and Cross Bones   Grade: A

Trip leaders: decide on the day, DK/Brent/Dru'n'Kerry

These trail notes act as a placeholder for the Good Times Gang. Depending on interest the trips may split into two groups. Other trails under consideration are Tunks, Wave Rock, Farrels no #3, Rope Road.

Vehicle Recommendations: If you are asking it probably is not for you :) Start with twin locked and 3" lift. For dedicated weapons that are not shy of "beauty marks".

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